Start Some Good crowdfunding for

Like the idea of Fair Trade and the fact that it provides an income and safe working conditions for marginalized people in undeveloped countries?  So do I.

What about the idea of upcycling what might be seen as junk, into beautiful, useful new products, saving what would otherwise end up in landfill?  Great idea, right?  Yeah, I think so too.

Now, if only there were a site where the idea AND the products could be sold.  One single place, similar to eBay, that would be convenient for both sellers AND buyers.

Hey, guess what?  There actually is!  That place, will officially launch November 1, 2014

So….. (you knew it was coming, right)?

To raise the basic funding needed for both the start up costs and maintenance for the first 18 months, the decision was made to go a rather unconventional route and use crowdfunding.  This is the practice of funding a venture by seeking contributions from a large number of people, via the internet.  After extensive research, the choice was made to use  One of many platforms available now, with this site the business must use the money raised, to make a positive difference in their community. In the case of A World of Goods, the community happens to be planet earth and it’s inhabitants.

To join in the fund-raising fun AND receive a great Fair Trade or Upcycled gift, go to:

You can check out the pre-launch marketplace site at:

To learn more about me: and scroll all the way to the bottom

For additional info about a world of goods; check out a previous post from earlier today.

As always, questions, concerns and suggestions are always welcome; send to

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blog.


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