About AWorldofGoods.com

It is the first online marketplace exclusively for Fair Trade & Upcycled Goods.  The site provides one place for conscientious consumers to find and purchase both.

The site officially launches November 1, 2014, the day after the StartSomeGood crowdfunding campaign ends.

Fair trade is an organized social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or environmental value.

Leveling the playing field against factories and factory farms; Fair Trade opens markets to small producers, artisans, craftsmen and farmers.  Sustainability and environmentally sound practices are also requirements of Fair Trade.  The concept of Fair Trade was created over 70 years ago, but in many places, people still do not know what it is, or why it is important.

The same holds true for Upcycled Goods.  There is a burgeoning grassroots movement all across the planet, of creating useable, beautiful goods from trash or otherwise used components. Those interested in purchasing upcycled goods are left to attend art shows, local fairs or a specialized shop.

Currently there is no one place to offer these goods, and they are lost among the glut of mass produced merchandise on those other E-commerce sites.  Making it easy for shoppers to purchase from multiple producers and organizations at one online location, the marketplace will not only serve as income generating, but also to educate about the importance of rethinking every purchase.  It stands to reason the site will also prompt additional production of upcycled goods and a larger stream of Fair Trade.

Educating the public about the importance of rethinking their purchasing power and the devastation caused by mass production is a secondary goal.

Created with a simple style and designed to be easy to use by both sellers and buyers, the site will continue to take shape based on users suggestions. The Fair Trade goods must be sourced from or come directly from a recognized Fair Trade organization.  Upcycled goods must consist of a minimum of 75% upcycled or previously used components.

I have created my business as a social enterprise and will soon become a member of Social Enterprise Alliance.  Sustainability and transparency are guiding factors in the way I run my businesses.

Please feel free to direct questions, concerns or suggestions my way.

Crowdfunding campaign: October 1-31, 2014: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/a_world_of_goods/Campaigns/Show/one_stopshop_for_fair_trade_and_upcycled_goods

A World of Goods:https://www.aworldofgoods.com/

About me: http://about.me/aworldofgoods


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