why are you here, or rather there


ever caught yourself contemplating the meaning of life?  why are you here sort of thing?  well, not actually here, where i am, in orrville, ohio, but there, where you are at the moment… or any given moment for that matter.

there is only one reason and that is to do, and that means for everyone but you.  yup, that’s what i said.  there’s only one thing that matters in life, only one thing that makes you count. no one cares what you manage to do for YOU!  they only rank you by what you’ve done for others.  yes, honestly no one REALLY cares about your promotion, or great big new house; well maybe your significant other or parent or child, but only as it relates to them.  think about that for a minute and how you feel about others accomplishments.  do you give a rodent’s butt about their pat-on-the-back accomplishments as much as the “holy wow, they did such an unselfish, thoughtful and kind thing” sort of thing.

it doesn’t necessarily have to be something you do for THEM, as long as they can associate with it and view it as a good deed that evokes that warm, fuzzy feeling.


i’ve covered this topic before.  it is the one and only thing you can do for you that will give lasting results.  beyond what buying a new thing, toy, article of clothing et cetera will give you.  doing something for someone else, ANYone else, will give you a feeling of happiness every single time you remember it.

so, no matter who you are, what your station in life is, what your beliefs are, or any other tag or title you have.  all you need is the desire to do something that will make a difference for a person, the planet, wildlife, animals, ____________ fill in the blank.

pssst…. guess what?  when you do it, you’ll love the feeling so much, the “high” you get, that you’ll want to do it again.  and again.  and again and again and again.  so, proceed with caution because the happiness level is addicting.

there are many who believe this requires setting your ego aside.  i know better, because ultimately you benefit so much that you learn to do it for YOURself.

now, go out and do something.  



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