going back to my blog roots

okay, so i veered off course.  this blog was never intended to be about promoting my businesses.  it was intended as a way for me to vent all my feelings & emotions about right & wrong, ego versus morals, religion & spirituality.

so, please forgive me my zero followers for shoving my monetary, materialistic side on you.

there are plenty of other places you can go for all of that.

in the future i will stay right here, in my meditative corner, reflecting on how to stay anti more things, more money, more dog-eat-dog & provide nothing but a little insight into self reflecting, soul searching & finding peace within.

so, slow down, take about 10 deep, energizing, cleansing breaths & take a moment to reflect on just how easy it is to slide back into that state of fast paced, go at full speed, earn for the sake of earning mentality.  Image


2 thoughts on “going back to my blog roots

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