being the change i want to see in the world

How the World will Change - with Global Warming

How the World will Change – with Global Warming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

if you came to my little blog deliberately, i welcome you with open arms, a happy dance and one of those awkward kisses you get from a great aunt.  not wet and gross or anything, just awkward.

that folks is a classic example of why i will not be the only one contributing to this blog.  so, i guess technically it isn’t totally mine, though as the amazing articles start rolling in (i blame the hallucinations on sleep deprivation), i will most certainly be happy to take credit for coordinating, contacting other, better, smarter bloggers and writers and just plopping it all here on this little ole blog.  well, at least i chose the name, theme and font.

okay, so what’s it all about?  well other than quieting the voices that are keeping me up at night, i can sum it up by sharing a quote that won’t stop popping up.  it comes back again and again, at the most inopportune times.  driving down the road i see litter, ha~there it is, oh yeah, that quote.  check the news, read about yet another endangered species, and huh?  there it is; the QUOTE!  sign onto facebook and a friend informs me of another farm being sucked up by a development, or WORSE YET, FRACKING

(fricking fracking, is that anything like frick and frack?) and… yup, you guessed it THE DADBURNED QUOTE!

so, what was the quote?  you’ve all heard it before and i’ll bet to a great extent it had the same effect on you.  however, having the somewhat obsessive personality that i do, i haven’t been able to shake it…. so without further ado.

“be the change you wish to see in the world.”

most often attributed to mahatma gandhi, some will argue it is not his quote.  i even read recently that it sounds more like it originated first on a bumper sticker; probably placed on a prius.  it further states that it is apolitical and a bit smug.  i guess i can see their point.  it goes on to say the quote very likely was filtered down from the following verifiable gandhi quote~another fave:

“if we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.  as a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world towards him.  …we need not wait to see what others do.”

i like them both and believe they are a potent combination.  at least for me they are.  i’ve spent my whole life wondering when more people were going to step to the plate.  all the while feeling like i needed to do something, anything really, to make this world a better world.  not that it isn’t pretty fantastic, i do believe in all the beautiful, perfect sunset, fuzzy-warm things it has to offer.  like the human population~pretty darn great with lots and lots of great, sweet, kind and loving people.  i guess it’s not too soon to admit i am a tiny bit of an idealist; a overzealous idealist i believe.

we all have our faults, our own demons, our issues, but i like to think the majority of us, are good, decent, caring human beings.  place us all together in one pot however, and the stew gets a bit thick and indistinguishable.  it’s time for the good ones, those finding themselves saying, “hey, i want to do something; but i don’t know where to start”, to start for crying out loud.

here’s an idea, start anywhere~but start today.  start a facebook conversation, write an editorial, change your way of thinking that it’s just the way it is, and after all, you’re only one person. oh, and while you’re at it, you can certainly begin making small changes in the way you live. the first being to coordinate trips involving driving and never, ever driving just for pleasure.

so to avoid that overwhelming, throw your hands in the air and do nothing before you even start feeling, consider this: there’s that whole power in numbers concept.  in this wonderful, amazing day and age, this place in time that i never could have imagined i would actually live to witness, these mind-boggling technologically advanced times of computers and smart phones and social media, the world is at your fingertips.  you, YES YOU, and you and you and you and me, we…. together WE CAN do something…

to slow down global warming

to inform and educate about litter

to stop hate and intolerance and injustices and unfairness (is that a word)

to stop gmo’s and pesticides and chemical warfare

yup, it’s time.  it’s time to start the ball rolling.

c’mon, step up to the plate.  i know you want to.  won’t you join me,       us,       all the others      in working towards a more (not less) civilized human race?


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